Who We Are

Draig Dda (meaning Good Dragon) came from the passion of two friends who, once they became Mum's, felt a moral obligation to design a range of children's clothing and accessories which influenced children in a positive way  after becoming concerned about how children's clothing was promoting  crooked thinking about identity for boys and girls. 

We want to inspire Children to be whatever they wanted to be and to express themselves through the clothes they wear. 


To support this aim we have created a range of practical baby and children's clothing and accessories that, through their bold and  aspirational designs, influence how children see themselves whilst providing an educational element to the clothing.  

Why We Do What We Do

By avoiding lazy gender stereotypes we want to open up conversations in the homes of families to ultimately shape alternative view of how society perceives boys and girls clothing.

We are working to be recognised by the 'Let Clothes Be Clothes' organisation as an approved wholesaler and retailer

 Please read our blogs to find out more about what we believe and why we are passionate about mixing up the narrative of children's clothing. 

Our Welsh Roots

We are very proud of our Welsh roots and our aim is to excel in product standards for safety, quality, cost and delivery by working with as many Welsh suppliers as possible. 

We also want to create opportunities for local people to be part of our company to promote prosperity and flexibile working for families in Wales.